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April 2022
11Foreign Probate
Probate is the legal process by which a will, trust, or life insurance policy is administered and assets are distributed. The process is often complicated, especially when a person has assets located outside the U.S. where laws for probate administration may be different than those of Texas. If you are an heir of someone who...
11Where to file probate court
What Does It Mean to Probate a Will? Deciding where to file a probate case is one of the most important decisions a person making a will can make. The person making the petition for probate must decide whether to file a probate case in the county where the decedent lived or in the county...
11Who Can Testify as to Cause of Death in a Probate Case?
How do people die? This is a common question in probate administration. But in a probate litigation case, who can testify as to the ultimate cause of death? Legal Terminology Texas Rule of Civil Evidence, Rule 702: Requires that experts be qualified “by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education,” and that their testimony “assist the...