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May 2022
If you’re considering an income trust, there are a few things you should know about community property. This case gives some information on what you need to know about this type of trust and how it can benefit you. Legal Case Cleaver v. George Staton Co., 908 S.W.2d 468 (Tex. App. 1995) Parties Cleaver: Appellant...
11El Paso Partition Action
Texas law provides that, in a partition action, the court has the power to sell the property on application of any one or more of the joint owners. The court may also grant money judgments against any or all of the joint owners. This is also true for inherited property. In fact, inherited property is...
11el paso probate
Is Probate always necessary? To collect a final paycheck there is a simple and inexpensive way to do it. Many of us have all been there before. A loved one has died and you are the one to handle their estate. Probate is a process that is necessary in many cases. The Texas Estates Code...
11el paso probate
Introduction A guardian is a person who has been appointed by the court to make decisions regarding the personal matters of an individual. A guardian may be appointed to take care of a minor or adult with disabilities or an elderly person. As a guardian you are legally responsible for managing your ward’s assets, including...